Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blues Legend Rounds the Corner on Another Year

I first heard Filipowicz years ago at the Azatlan Inn, near Lake Mills Wisconsin. Aztalan is the site of one of the Midwest's oldest sacred Indian mounds, and I later found out is where Paul makes his home.
A native of Chicago, Filipowicz moved to Wisconsin in the mid 70's, bringing his guitar and his searing blues guitar style with him. It was in Chicago, home of many legendary blues players, that Paul heard the music of  Muddy Waters and decided to be a blues player.

Forty years later I'm at the Knuckle Down Saloon, one of  the best places in Madison to hear the blues, to catch Paul playing a gig that's his and club owner Chris Kalmbach's birthday bash. The place was packed and Filipowicz wowed the crowd with his searing brand of blues guitar.



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