Sunday, May 20, 2012

I became part Catholic at their wedding 25 years ago ...

I  shot their wedding 25 years ago. Jack called while I was out on the golf course, and yes, I have poor golf manners and answered my phone while out on the links. Jack said he'd noticed my new studio gallery on Atwood Ave. Very nice. Then he asked if I might be available to shoot his wedding vows renewal ceremony at St Dennis that night after mass. Be delighted I told him. Be great to see he and Colleen again after 25 years. 
Jack reminded me that I became part Catholic that day. I was backing up the aisle during the recessional and bumped into the baptismal fount and got some holy water on my coat tails. Father Klink exclaimed that I was now part Catholic. A gal standing near to him laughed and said yes, and it's the best part! 

During the ceremony I thought about that day 25 years ago, and how things have changed. Back then I carried a large studio camera, an RZ 67 6X7cm film camera. Fitted with a motor drive the thing was a monster, in weight and in performance. The 220 roll film went into a removable film back that attached to the camera. You got 20 shots then you had to put on another back to keep shooting. Now days I'm shooting with a Nikon D700 DSLR with a motor drive. It too is a monster in weight and performance, but I get more than 20 shots at a time. ...

I also thought about father Klink. When he was reassigned from St Dennis in Madison to a new church in Janesville half the congregation went with him and traveled 45 minutes out of town to attend his masses. Del Klink was a wonderful human being and the most popular 
religious figure I ever encountered. And no, I'm not Catholic (well, maybe part of me if you believe father Klink).

So here I am 25 years later back at St Dennis with Jack and Collen. They were kind enough to say I hadn't changed a bit ( Jack and Colleen are gentile folks). It was a very sweet renewal ceremony.

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