Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Snowy Day at the Capitol

Heard the snow plows working the street early this am as I lay in bed trying to catch a few extra zzz's. Heard on the news last night there was going to be a winter weather watch today, so it wasn't surprising to me when I peeked out the window and saw the snow flakes falling. Noticed most of the cars normally gone to work were still parked on the street, so I decided to call it a snow day at the shop and worked from home. But I did get out later on in the  day and got some grab shots around town ...

Later on I stopped by the shop to check on things and grabbed another shot of the snow still coming down on Atwood Ave.

Maria was supposed to fly in from Jamaica tonight and I was going to pick her up at Madison International at 10pm. She called a bit ago to let me know her connection out of Chicago was canceled and she'd be grabbing a Van Galder bus instead, arriving at the Union at 10:30. Not  bad, the bus always gets through. Welcome back to the land of snow white Maria!

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